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Hepatitis A

What is it?

Hepatitis A is a type of viral liver infection uncommon in England but widespread in other parts of the world, such as Africa and India.


How is it spread?

The virus is spread through consuming contaminated food and water or person to person through the faecal-oral route. Risk is higher where personal hygiene and sanitation are poor.


Advice for Travellers?

Ensure that food and water are safe. Avoidance of foodstuffs such as shellfish, salads, unwashed fruit and vegetables and raw or undercooked meat products are essential.

Good personal hygiene is also very important. Individuals should ensure that they wash their hands prior to eating and after using the bathroom.


Vaccination is recommended if you are visiting areas where drinking water may be unsafe and where hygiene and sanitation is poor.


For more information on advice on vaccinations and how to minimise your exposure to hepatitis A please call us or visit us in store.

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