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Yellow Fever

Kings Pharmacy is a registered yellow fever center with nathnac.  


What is it?

Yellow fever is a serious viral infection that's spread by certain types of mosquito. It’s mainly found in sub-Saharan Africa, South America and parts of the Caribbean.


How is it spread?

The virus that causes yellow fever is passed to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes. The mosquitoes that spread the infection are usually active and bite during daylight hours, from dusk until dawn, and are found in both urban and rural areas.

Yellow fever can’t be passed directly from person to person through close contact.

Yellow Fever: A closer look at the disease - click on the video


Advice for Travellers?

Travellers should be advised to use personal protective measures when entering areas where yellow fever is present. This includes using insect repellents and wearing appropriate clothing.


As yellow fever is frequently fatal for those who have not been vaccinated, vaccination is recommended for all travellers visiting areas where there is a risk of yellow fever transmission. 


For more information on advice on vaccinations and how to minimise your exposure to yellow fever please call us or visit us in store.


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