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Pharmacy First

The objectives of the Pharmacy First advanced service are:

• To offer patients who contact either,

o NHS 111 (by telephone or on-line), or o 999 service, or

o their own GP practice, or o a primary care out-of-hours service, or

o an UEC setting ( ED, UTC, UCC),

the opportunity to access appropriate urgent care services in a convenient and easily accessible community pharmacy setting.

What does the service involve?

The new Advanced service involves pharmacists providing advice and NHS-funded treatment, where clinically appropriate, for seven common conditions:

  • sinusitis

  • sore throat

  • acute otitis media

  • infected insect bite

  • impetigo

  • shingles

  • uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women.

Consultations for these seven clinical pathways can be provided to patients presenting to the pharmacy as well as those referred by NHS 111, general practices and others.

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