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If your regular contraception has failed or you have had unprotected sex in the last 3 to 5 days you might be worried about being pregnant.


If you need emergency contraception (morning after pill) Kings Pharmacy can help: it is available quickly and discreetly from the pharmacy.


To get the morning after pill...

You will have a confidential and anonymous consultation with the pharmacist in a private area of the store.

Morning After Pill

Who can use the morning after pill?

16 and over: Our pharmacists will be able to offer you the morning after pill if it is suitable for you.


Under 16: The pharmacist may still be able to offer you the morning after pill under an NHS scheme, or they can help you to find your local family planning clinic to find out about other options.


The morning after pill will not be suitable if you:

  • Are already pregnant

  • Had unprotected sex more than 72 hours or 120 hours ago

  • Are allergic to any of the ingredients - the pharmacist can help you work this out

  • Have a sugar intolerance


You must tell the pharmacist or your doctor if you fall into ANY of the below categories before you take the morning after pill:

  • You’ve previously had an ectopic pregnancy

  • You suffer from a digestive order, such as Crohn’s disease

  • If you are taking any other medication, especially:

Barbiturates, Primidone, Phenytoin, Carbemazepine (used predominantly to treat epilepsy)


Griseofulvin (for fungal infections)

Herbal remedies containing St John's Wort

Rifampicin or Rifabutin (usually for tuberculosis)

Ritonavir (for HIV infection)

  • If you’re breast feeding

  • If you’re unsure if the morning after pill is suitable for you


What happens next?

If you are sick within three hours of taking the tablet, you should return to your pharmacist or doctor for more advice.

It may also be worth knowing that the morning after pill may disturb your normal monthly cycle.

However, if your next period is more than five days late, or is unusually light or heavy, or there is any other reason you might suspect you are pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test and talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

The morning after pill will not stop a pregnancy if you are already pregnant.

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